Carpet cleaning process

Carpets are manufactured in many different fabrics, and I have been professionally trained to clean them all. Carpet services include a freshen up for lightly soiled carpets, or if they need it, a deeper clean for heavily soiled and/or stained carpets.

Using the latest equipment, tools and cleaning solutions will ensure your carpets are left fresh and clean, and dry within only a few hours, depending on which service you choose.

I will ask that areas to be cleaned are vacuumed and cleared of the furniture that you want us to clean under. We’ll happily move sofas around if needed though.

With ProClean Carpet Cleaning I make the following promises:

Deep, Thorough Cleaning Every Time - My equipment is the best available and our carpet cleaners are fully trained professionals. I'll clean down to the base of your carpet and furnishings, extracting all grit, dirt, bacteria and stains, whilst leaving them soft to the touch, clean and healthy. And drying times are reduced due to the powerful extraction techniques used.

Thanks to a reliable service, customers always return for regular cleans.

Call now for your FREE Quote! I work alongside landlords, estate agencies, and homeowners giving them all the same high class service.

All of my customers can be sure that they are getting a highly professional service.

Every clean consists of cleaning in the following steps:

  • Survey performed to identify carpet fibres to determine products to use.
  • Your carpets are brushed over to loosen dirt particles before being vacuumed with a high filtration vacuum cleaner that has been specifically designed for high performance professional carpet cleaning.
  •  A heavy duty pre-spray solution is applied to the carpet, and allowed to dwell for a short while to break down dirt particles.
  • I use a stiff brush to agitate and open up the fibres to allow the pre-spray to work deep into the pile thus preparing the carpet for the next step...
  •  A high pressure hot water carpet cleaning machine is used ( and I must stress that this is NOT a rug doctor like some cleaners use! ), to rinse and extract the solution and dirt from the carpet. The powerful jets shoot the cleaning solution deep into the carpets pile at high pressure. This helps to break up the dirt, bacteria and pollen. The powerful vacuum on the machine then draws up all the dirt and solution out of the carpet. This ensures a residue free rinse.
  • A rotary bonnet cleaner is used for carpets with low soiling if a freshen up clean is required, this saves on unnecessary drying times
  • If any stains are still apparent, these can be worked on once qualified with yourself.
  • Carpets will usually dry within a couple of hours, but to speed this process up an air mover can be used to help them dry even faster at an extra cost!

If you happen to get cheaper quotes from other carpet cleaners, ask them if they will be using the same professional technique as ProClean Carpets. If they don't, they are probably cheaper for a reason!!!

You can have you carpets cleaned, or you can have them ProCleaned.