ALLERGIES & CARPET CLEANING PRODUCTSI have a customer who says they are allergic to certain chemicals / asthmatic. Can I go ahead and use Prochem cleaning chemicals? 

As we do not know exactly what the customer is allergic to, the cleaner should never guarantee that cleaning can be carried out without provoking an allergic or asthmatic reaction.The person should not stay in the room that is being cleaned and if possible should leave the house as a precaution until the carpet is dry. Offer to use PURE CLEAN which is fragrance free and contains no soaps, optical brightener, enzymes or solvents. Show the customer the Safety Data Sheet. Always leave it up to the customer to decide whether the cleaning is to be carried out or not and give no guarantees.

My customer wants to know if it is safe for children / babies / pets to stay in the house while I clean the carpets. What should I say?

Children, babies and pets should be kept away from areas that are being cleaned and until the carpet is dry. There are no known risks to health and safety if they remain in another part of the house but if the customer is in doubt, it is preferable that they are kept out of the house during the cleaning and drying process.

I cleaned a carpet a few days ago and my customer is now complaining that they have had an allergic reaction. What should I do?

A carpet cleaner used Prochem’s “named product” to clean my carpets and now I am itchy / sneezing / wheezing etc.Genuine allergic reactions after carpet cleaning may be due to allergen contaminants in the carpet and not the cleaning chemicals.

Source - ProChem UK