Wool Carpets?

If you have decided to purchase wool carpets then you really need to consider how you are going to clean them, as they need treating differently than synthetic/nylon carpets. Too much water can cause serious damage to your wool carpet as can using the wrong product for stain removal. They also take longer to dry out as the natural fibres hold on to water.

Consider using ProClean Carpets cleaning and care services, we use only wool safe products on wool carpets.

Wool carpets may cost more to clean and will not benefit from having a harsh cleaning brush such as ones used on rug doctors and similar machines.

This should be taken into consideration when booking a carpet cleaner, we don't use these type of machines, the carpet cleaning process used by ProClean is safe for all carpet types.

If you need professional help in spot removal or whole carpet cleaning, you can rely on the services provided by ProClean by giving Laurence a call on 07550088994.