30 Jan

See this photo? 

This build up of foam shouldn't be happening so quickly. I always use a defoamer in my waste tank to prevent this. I also know that the products I use every day don't cause this much foam.

This is caused by a previous cleaner who hasn't properly extracted all the shampoo from the carpets, either through lazy technique or inadequate equipment. This in turn meant that when I came along I had to deal with emptying my waste tank more frequently due to excess foam build up. Be careful who you use. Sometimes a cheaper price means a cheaper job by an inexperienced worker. I work for myself, so I care about my business being successful so all work is completed with pride and to a high level of satisfaction for me and my customers

 Leaving excess shampoo in a carpet is also what causes them to appear to soil quickly, the stickiness of the shampoo causes dirt to stick and builds up requiring another clean sooner than is necessary. Never an issue with me. 

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