02 Aug

Something I get asked quite often, and I see these get recommended to customers ( not by me ) is to fix a mess left by DIY Rugdoctors. The picture shows the mess left behind when someone used a RD ( pic on left ) and the pic on the right shows the carpet when I had finished.

They are cheap to hire initially, but then you need to buy shampoo, and stain removers and the rest. You get no instructions on how to use it, and the tank holds a very small amount of water so you could be replacing the fresh water every 5 minutes, as well as the waste water. A lot of hassle for minimul results. 

This carpet had been soaked and 3 days later is still wet causing a nasty damp smell. 

Customer called me to rectify and clean again resulting in a costly carpet clean.

Call a professional the first time. Call me at ProClean.

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