25 Jun

With Spring and now Summer now upon us, people all over the country will be starting their spring cleaning as the warmer days inject some life into us, and gives us the will and energy to get on with the chores we have been putting off during the colder months! 

While you are tidying and dusting and vacuuming, don't forget that your carpets may also need some attention! All the wet rainy days will have brought mud and extra dirt into your home which accumulates in your carpets fibres which vacuuming alone doesn't always reach.

Give me a call and allow me to visit your home or your company to give your carpets a thorough clean with my powerful carpet cleaning machine removing all the dirt from deep down in the carpet. Your carpets will be dry in a very short time allowing you to get back to your routine as quickly as possible. The fresh smell will give you a lift as well, giving you a much needed boost of energy to carry on with the rest of your spring cleaning.

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