Stain removal

What carpet stains you can DIY with confidence
There are some stains you can confidently remove from carpets yourself, with the right technique and product.
Remember to:

  • Move swiftly. Don’t ignore a spill. See to it while it is fresh.
  • Use a damp – not soaking – towel.
  • Use a light touch. Do not scrub and rub.
  • Work from the outside, in. Working from the inside out will spread the stain.

What carpet stains professionals like me need to remove
Stains that are best left to professional carpet cleaners like ProClean include red wine, tomato sauce, copious amounts of blood, crayons, urine and faeces, mascara, lipstick. If in doubt or facing stains caused by red wine, tomato paste, urine, faeces or kids’ crayons, call the professionals: call ProClean Carpet Cleaning for immediate advice on Telford 01952 324891