Carpet and upholstery cleaning services

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Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service

Carpets and sofas can be among some of the most expensive items we may buy to furnish our homes, and they receive a lot of wear and tear.
The occasional spill from drinks that the kids were told would not be allowed in the lounge, dirty shoes walked through the house, TV dinners, the glass of wine on a Friday night ( or any night if you fancy it, I'm not judging ) the family pet has an accident or brings mud in from the garden. All these over the months build up and then you decide you need your carpets deep cleaned and now, here you are........

My name is Laurence and since 2012 I have been providing thousands of customers with quality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Telford and the surrounding areas. Using ProChem UK for all my cleaning products including Wool Safe, as well as ProChem cleaning equipment, and their training courses has helped me build up a very successful business.

With 8 years of experience I am able to provide you with your FREE quote over the phone. Due to the widely differing levels of soiling, I don't offer an online booking service as your carpets will require a different level of cleaning to someone else, so your quote needs to be unique to you. We can talk about the types of stains, the level of soil present in your carpet. Your carpet might only need a light clean to freshen them up, or they might require a deeper clean to remove heavy build up of dirt especially in higher traffic areas.

  • ALL of my customers are guaranteed to receive the most reliable service at the highest level, and customers are left feeling 100% satisfied. 
  • All work is covered by liability and 'items worked upon' insurance up to £5,000,000.
  • I offer PROFESSIONAL Carpet and upholstery Cleaning Services to all DOMESTIC, as well as COMMERCIAL carpet cleaning, working with Landlords, Pubs, Homeowners, Tenants, Offices, Estate Agents, Businesses. I have contracts with many of the UKs leading housing developers, as well as a number of Telford's estate agencies.

For your FREE Quote please call me today on 07550088994 or 01952 957119

The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of a Low Price is Forgotten!