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Have any room cleaned for just £30.00



▶️Have your carpets cleaned by a reliable trained professional, using the top of the range hot water extraction machine. ◀️

⏩Carpets dry in only a few hours! ⏪👍

⏩⏩Not only that but have one room cleaned for £30.00 and have a 2nd, 3rd etc cleaned for £20.00⏪⏪

Shropshire area only!

Average size rooms only up to approx 5m by 5m.

Prices for standard cleans. Please ask for details if your carpets are heavily soiled/stained!

Domestic only.

Recommend a friend and receive 15% discount on your next clean 

  • You can receive a 15% discount on your next clean with us when your job total exceeds £85.00.
  • The friend you recommend will also receive a 5% discount on their first clean if the job total exceeds £85.00.

Summary of charges (domestic only)

  • All jobs carry a minimum charge of £30.00.
  • All prices reflect not just the quality, but also the FAST drying times which is very important. 
  • All prices are for standard cleans, deep cleans for very dirty carpets will carry an extra charge.
  • Heavy/Large stains will be quoted for on request. 
  • Very small spot stains can be inclusive in the price if they can be dealt with with one quick application.
  • All quotes can usually be given over the phone, so if you are unsure if a carpet requires a deep clean, this can be qualified before cleaning commences.
  • Stairs will be classed as 1 room. hallway and a landing will be classed as 1 room.
  • Lounge/Diners will be classed as 2 rooms.